Missing Classmates

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Belinda Brewer
Connie Bruce
Margie Cook
Suzanne Coutu
Debra Ewing
Jo Ann Farrar
Roseanne Farrell
Maureen Francis
Michael Harris
Cathy Hickle
Claudia Lamego
Barry Leavitt
Teresa Leizear
Julie Lichtman
Randy Lindauere
Jim Livingston
Angie Luciano Wigle
John Lynch
Glenn Machlan
Ed Martinez
Laurie Merchant
Dwayne Michael
Larry Miller
Patty Mitchell
Paul Nash
Joyce Nelson
Karen Nishi
Margit Oder
Jim Powell
Sharon Price
Cheryl Rawson
Steve Saavedra
Carmen Serrano
John Shannon
Stephanie Smith
Elizabeth Springer
John Suit
Melody Thomas
Mike Treworgy
Clarellen Vaughan
Sue Visconage Buerkens
Ken Watkins
Darlene Whitted
Randall Wilks
Julie Wood