Welcome Class of 1974 Huskies!

Welcome Class of 1974 Huskies!

Announcing the completion of our 40th Reunion and how we plan to stay in touch for the future!

We are so happy that the reunion weekend was a real success and want to thank those of you who made the journey back to Rockville! We have heard many nice comments and received many notes of thanks and we so appreciate the class members efforts to come together and celebrate…you all are the ones who made it a really great time! There was a real sense of excitement and joy as people who hadn’t seen each other in many years were able to catch up and reconnect. Brian McLaren gave a wonderful blessing and you can read it by clicking here. We all got together on the lawn at Manor CC for a group photo and that was a challenge, as there were so many people and everyone just wanted to talk instead of have a photo shoot…but we got it done and the photo was pretty good considering it was like herding cats! Click Here and enter Peary as the code. There are a number of candid shots from the golf outing, reunion dinner and brunch on our Facebook page as well. If you have photos that you would like to add to our collection click here to send photos, and we will post them on a separate page here, not on Facebook. (Go here to See our 40th Reunion photos page)

It’s possible, that the next 5 years will fly by!! So, remember to keep the class updated on your email or other contact information, so that if there is a 45th reunion, you will receive all the information on the date, time, and place! If you want to read the Class Yearbook entries for 2014 click here and we will send you a link to the private page. It is really fascinating to read about our classmates lives and accomplishments! You can fill out the form, to update or add your info, and be a part of that by going here.

Don’t want to wait for another 5 Years? Then you will like this new addition to the webpage:

Class Calendar: Please check back frequently with our Class Calendar in the sidebar to the right and see what the class is up to and where there may be impromptu gatherings or Happy Hours scheduled. If you wish to post an event, click here. **We will not be posting advertisements or promotions of any type of product. If you wish to share something of that nature with the class, include it in your “Yearbook” entry under comments or via a website listing there. We will however post events such as band dates of alumni or artistic endeavors such as book signings.